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STIR-NEWS : Flora and fauna to FUN-ctional, Name Place Animal Thing crafts the ‘Habitat’ collection


The design studio crafts whimsical furniture and lighting designs inspired by nature, seamlessly blending its characteristics with functional designs.

“The intent is to bring a smile to the face when you look at a piece,” says Priyam Doshi, Founder and designer at Name Place Animal Thing, a design studio that specializes in furniture and lighting design along with installations and decor. As the studio's name aptly describes, their works draw inspiration from people, places, animals, and all things that exist in the world around us, creating designs that are experimental, fun and functional to bring a sense of joy to the space the products inhabit. “We cherish experimenting with materials, processes, and techniques, from new to natural to recycled, to create products with an element of intrigue or play. Our meticulously designed products are carefully crafted and manufactured in India. We like to call our products FUN-ctional, products that are both fun and functional at their core,” the designer adds.

Habitat collection is inspired by nature and wilderness

Habitat collection is inspired by nature and wilderness

Inspired by the natural beauty of the wilderness and raw aesthetics of flora and fauna, the latest collection by the studio is titled Habitat. The collection comprises a lamp design and intriguing furniture designs with names inspired by animals and plants, with forms that mimic their morphology. “A blend of handcrafted enigma with machine finesse, this is the first thematic collection launched by Name Place Animal Thing,” shares Doshi, the designer of Habitat. The studio will also be showcasing pieces from the collection at Ambiente 2024 happening in Frankfurt, Germany from January 26th to 30th.

The collection has four wooden furniture pieces and a floor lamp, namely the Moose cabinet, the Alpaca bar cabinet, the Caterpillar bar unit, the Mushroom floor lamps, and the Rocks bookshelf which can also be used as a coffee table . Oak wood is the primary material used for all the furniture pieces and the floor lamp is made from hand-stitched fabric.

The Moose cabinet is a fusion of art and functionality, its key feature lies in the plug-and-play accessories which allow the user to customise the cabinet as per their requirements. The ‘antlers’ serve as hooks for keys, hats and scarfs, while a versatile bowl corrals accessories and knick-knacks. Open and closed shelves effortlessly showcase and conceal items, providing both display and storage options. The Alpaca bar cabinet is an engaging piece of furniture that takes inspiration from the stance and head movement of an Alpaca. The furniture designer has added a smaller cabinet which is mounted on the main body calling it the ‘head’ of the bar cabinet which can be moved and used to stock smaller bottles, which allows optimal space for taller bottles in the internal storage.

The Caterpillar bar unit acts as a sculptural piece with a hidden bar which can be revolved, adding an element of fun and intrigue to the design. It has provisions to stock up to 20 to 30 wine bottles and glasses. Inspired by the form of rocks found in the wilderness, the table design for the Rocks bookshelf/coffee table can be utilized in multiple ways, as a storage unit, a coffee table and a seating system. The Mushroom floor lamps add a soft and subtle feel to the space, not only when they are lit but also during the daytime.

Habitat embodies the spirit of nature, creativity and craftsmanship . Doshi has meticulously infused joy and quirk into the functional designs. Each piece in the collection narrates its unique story and is a testament to Name Place Animal Thing's creative and upbeat approach to contemporary design since it not only enlivens interiors with its charm but also recognises the beauty found in the outdoors and the surrounding environment.


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