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The ‘Quarry Collection’ brings to you exquisite modern minimalist table lamps of natural stone sheet suffused with soft glowing light. Made from authentic thin layered natural stone sheets of marble, sandstone, and slate extracted from Indian quarries, the original texture, veins, and grains of the source stone are soothing to touch and exude raw elemental beauty.

These lamps possess a captivating charm even when unlit, and when illuminated, they emit an alluring glow that enhances the natural strands and patterns of the stone. Designed to seamlessly blend style and functionality, these contemporary lamps illuminate your home with elegance and evoke a sense of tranquility in your space.

We are happy to share that we won the EDIDA 2023 'Young Talent of the Year' Award for this Quarry Collection of Table Lamps.


The Habitat Collection is inspired by the jungle. It embodies the great natural beauty of the wilderness and seeks to bring the raw, striking charm of flora and fauna into your home.

All pieces are conversation starters for you and your guests. The intent is to bring a smile to the face when you look at a piece. A blend of handcrafted enigma with machine finesse, this is the first thematic collection launched by Name Place Animal Thing.
Like all products made by Name Place Animal Thing, a primary purpose of the collection is to create FUNctional products – adding fun and quirkiness to functional products of daily need.

Habitat Collection
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