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Festive Finds : A+D’s comprehensive Diwali Gift Guide is here!


As the radiant festival of Diwali illuminates our lives with joy, love, and togetherness, the spirit of gifting becomes a cherished tradition. In the heart of this celebration, finding the perfect gift that reflects your love and appreciation for your dear ones is a delightful pursuit. Simultaneously, the festive season in India brings with it the enthusiasm for sprucing up our homes, adorning them with new furniture, captivating decor objects, and exquisite art pieces. With this in mind, we present our exclusive Diwali Gifting Guide – a carefully curated list of 20+ brands (in no particular order) that will not only aid you in choosing the ideal gift for your loved ones but also serve as a wellspring of inspiration for your home decor endeavors.

Alpaca Bar Cabinet

Name of the product: Alpaca Bar Cabinet

Part of collection:  The Habitat Collection

Materials & Finishes:  White Ash Wood | Finish: Italian Water Based Matte Finish

Designed by: Priyam Doshi

Description: Turn on the good times with the turn of the Alpaca’s head!

Alpaca Bar Cabinet

The Alpaca bar cabinet is an engaging piece of furniture that takes inspiration from the stance and head movement of an Alpaca. The Alpaca bar cabinet is designed to be a FUN-ctional furniture – Super fun yet highly functional. The Alpaca’s head turns and surprises people by revealing the hidden-stock of bottles for the party, also making a great conversation starter. The Alpaca is ingeniously crafted using white Ash Wood and has beautifully textured shutters and turned wood legs with a counter top to make drinks.

Alpaca Bar Cabinet

The Alpaca’s head stocks smaller bottles, which allows good space for tall bottles in the internal storage (optimal space utilization). Along with being alluring, it has provision to stock 40-60 bottles, 2-dozen wine glasses, other glasses, and also a drawer for your bar accessories. 

Why should you buy it: You should buy it as it’s a statement Bar Cabinet, which is FUNctional – Super fun yet highly functional. A Great conversation starter for your parties.

Price: Rs. 1,90,000 + GST

Alpaca Bar Cabinet

About the firm: Name Place Animal Thing is a Mumbai-based design studio that specializes in furniture, lights, installations, and decor. They draw inspiration from people, places, animals, and all things that exist in the world around us. They cherish experimenting with materials, processes, and techniques, from new to natural to recycled, to create products with an element of intrigue or play. Our meticulously designed products are carefully crafted and manufactured in India. They like to call our products FUNctional, products that are both fun and functional at their core. Along with designing their own products, they collaborate with architects, interior designers & manufacturers on custom projects.


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