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The ESTD - Bharat Floorings and Tiles celebrates its centenary with a range of lifestyle products


 Jell-o Bordeaux – Wall Mirror


Principal Designer Priyam Doshi at Name Place Animal Thing believes terrazzo is making a comeback, and the first opportunity he got to bring this unique—yet once commonly-used—material to life with BFT, he ran with it. “In today's design landscape, terrazzo has become ubiquitous in almost every interior and architectural project, which is why I chose to incorporate it,” Doshi says. What also attracts him to terrazzo is its playful and fun nature, where the medium looks “like a collection of little chips, each with its own unique colour, shape, and size, coming together and interacting with one another. That moment is captured in time when the cement is poured during the terrazzo-making process. I love how each piece is unique, making no two terrazzo pieces alike,” says the designer.

Candy Jade – Wall Mirror

The idea was to bring an element of “fun” into the functionality of everyday objects like mirrors, lamps, clocks, and a variety of desktop items, resulting in a collection that cuts through the clutter of domesticity. In the same vein, the products flaunt equally curious names like Candy, Jell-o, Tic-Tac-Toe, Mt. Terra, Donna, Olio, Polo, among others, in order to evoke a sense of joy while aligning themselves to the eccentric nature of terrazzo.

Olio Blanc – Pendant Lamp

However, the more interesting aspect of this collaboration lies in how it elevates what the material already brings to the literal table, by adding pops of colour reminiscent of the distinct BFT aesthetic, where every flooring tile has its own identity. “The products from the TerraPop collection may appear simple and minimalistic, but a significant amount of time was devoted to research and development. One of our key considerations was creating designs that are production-friendly rather than one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces,” Doshi says.


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