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The Ambiente Report, Frankfurt: The 3 Trends That Are Here To Stay For 2024


The most awaited event of the year, Messe Frankfurt was bigger and fuller this year. The fair saw a significant increase in both visitors and exhibitors from across the globe. Spread across 360,000 sq meters, the fair was a blend of consumer goods, conscious design, and innovation at its finest. Here is a round-up of some trends we spotted that you can embrace in your homes this year.

1 Lamps Of All Shades and Sizes 

Lighting has always been a key factor in defining the mood or tone of any space. Overhead and desk lighting are often considered staples in a home. This year, numerous brands honed in on this timeless object by adding colour, character, and various design elements. In addition to setting the mood, these lamps can easily become a statement accessory– even in minimalist spaces. By tweaking their shape, colour options, and modalities Sompex offered a variety of options. Many of the emerging like Japanese designer Atsushi Shindo and Indian designer Priyam Doshi of ‘Name, Place, Animal, Thing’ were looking at ways to create conversations through form in their designs. Inspired by the traditional Japanese Haori Kimono, Shindo used the shape of this attire as the outer layer of the lamp. Meanwhile, Doshi takes inspiration from the jungle to bring the raw charm into your home. 


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